• Eco Bund portable bunding protects the environment by keeping run off out of our storm water drains
  • Eco Bund portable bunding sucks run off into a wet and dry vacuum for responsible disposal
  • Eco Bund portable bunding's strong suction ensures that run off is completely contained

ECO BUND Waste Water Recovery System

Eco Bund will transform a dedicated wash area into a fully compliant bunded area, meeting all EPA and Trade Waste guidelines.

The Eco Bund has been designed and manufactured using materials that make this product unique and resistant to any petroleum based liquids - Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene etc... to be able to be used for petroleum based spills without melting any components during the process of collecting waste water or fuel spills.

The Eco Bund Waste Water Recovery system is extremely efficient in collecting waste water run off thereby protecting our storm water drains. The Eco Bund is connected to a wet and dry vacuum. The run off is contained by the Eco Bund and then sucked through holes in the Eco Bund into the wet and dry  vacuum. Run off can then be disposed of responsibly following EPA and Trade Waste guidelines protecting our delicate water ways and native environment.

Eco Bund is a unique waste water and pollution management system that has been designed and developed specifically to seal floor surface during cleaning operation to collect any run off.

This management system complies with current EPA and Water Board waste water management guidelines.