How can I ensure that my workplace complies with the Australian Standards for bunding and floor bunding?
By Paul White
October 20, 2009

It can sometimes be daunting working your way through the paper work and various pieces of legislation relating to your particular work place. In addition the daily time pressures of running your business often mean that important things that are not urgent go to the bottom of the pile.

The Government Legislation tab on this website provides some introductory information of a general nature to bunding and floor bunding requirements in each state of Australia. For best practice with respect to bunding and floor bunding requirements companies should refer to the Australian Standards set by Standards Australia.

Standards Australia is recognised by the Government as Australia's peak Standards body. It coordinates standardisation activities, develops internationally aligned Australian Standards and facilitates the accreditation of other Standards Development Organisations.

AS 1940:2004 The Storage and Handling of Flammable and Combustible Liquids (and subsequent 2 amendments) and AS 3780:2008 The Storage and Handling or Corrosive Substances (and subsequent amendment) provide information on:

  • 1. Bunding and Floor Bunding Material. The bund wall and floor must be constructed from materials impervious to the liquid or toxic substances stored.
  • 2. Bunding Floors and Walls. The bund walls and floors must be strong enough to withhold any spillage from the storage facilities.
  • 3. Bund Heights and Distance from the Bund. Wall bunds at tank storages should be 0.5m to 1.5m high depending on the required containment capacity and the distance from the tank (the closer the tank to the wall, the higher the wall because of the decreased surface area available. The distance between the tank and the bund wall must be at least 1m.
  • 4. Drainage of the Bunded Area. The bund floor must have a collection sump and a graded floor for the collection of liquids. There must be no access to the stormwater system within the bund.
  • 5. Additional Bunded Area Information. A bunded area should contain pipes and pumps for the removal of liquids. The pipe and pump facilities must be arranged within the areas so that the bund can't leak and that the pumps will still operate when the bund is full. It is also recommended that any roof over the bund should be sealed thus preventing precipitation from entering the bund. It is important that the bunded area is properly ventilated ensuring so build of gases and that it does not restrict fire fighting access.

Australian Standards can be purchase from the SAI Global Infostore.  For more information contact Standards Australia 1800 035 822.