Welcome to Flexi-BundTM Floor Bunding  The original and best Australian Manufactured to ISO9001 Standard Quality Assured

Flexi-Bund is a patented floor bunding product developed by Safe-Waste Industries.The original and best quality assured floor bunding. Governement approved. Installed on many government sites. Proven performance since 2003 Nationwide in Australia.

Manufactured from a combination of rubber and PVC, Flexi-Bund is designed to seal against floor surfaces in workshops, warehouses, marinas, wash bays, liquid storage areas, compressor bays, chemical plants, loading docks, mine sites and any area with a sealed surface.

Flexi-Bund is a patented floor bunding product that is completely trafficable and can be driven over by cars, trucks and forklifts for complete access to bunded areas. Coloured "safety yellow" to match safety floor markings, Flexi-Bund is resistant to oil and grease, diesel, gasoline and chemicals commonly found in the vehicle service and maintenance industry.

Flexi-Bund is the best and most economical alternative to brick or concrete floor bunds which are not normally accessible to traffic. Flexi-Bund can transform a service or wash bay into a fully compliant bunded area overnight, at a fraction of the cost of concrete cutting and forming the old fashioned way.

Flexi-Bund has been successfully installed in hundreds of applications around Australia and is endorsed by Government, Local Government and major industry organisations.

 For more information on the Flexi-Bund floor bunding product please review our website or contact us on 1800 460 112.

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